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Five Steps to Becoming a Vegan

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Below are five steps to becoming a vegan.

Five steps to becoming a vegan. Being vegan isn’t for everyone but even if it’s not for you, one thing is for sure, one has to respect those vegans that do it because of ethical concerns for animal welfare. At GenMag we feel that animal welfare is a compelling argument. 

If you are considering transitioning to the vegan lifestyle, below you will read what we hope are helpful tips.

ONE – Educate yourself: Learn about the reasons why people choose a vegan lifestyle, such as ethical concerns for animal welfare, environmental benefits, and health benefits.

You should be able to articulate the reasons why people make the commitment and more importantly why you’re doing it.

TWO – Plan your meals: Make a list of the foods you already eat that are vegan and those that are not. Research vegan alternatives to your favorite non-vegan foods, such as plant-based milk and meat substitutes.

GenMag is committed to adding lots of content including recipes as well as an “alternative foods” section.

THREE – Start gradually: Don’t feel like you need to go vegan overnight. Start by gradually reducing the number of animal products you consume and begin incorporating more vegan options into your diet. 

FOUR – Try new foods and recipes: Experiment with new vegan ingredients and try new recipes to keep your meals fun and interesting.

FIVE – Find a community: Connect with other vegans for support and to share recipes, tips, and advice. Joining a local vegan group or following vegan influencers on social media can be a great way to do this.

There are a lot of exceptional influencers that share a great deal of information that can be easily applied to your journey.

GenMag features the world’s premier specialty ingredients and many of them of sourced strictly from plant-based sources. Be sure to acquaint yourself with these ingredients so that you make good decisions about the supplements you choose.

If you’re a vegan expert please add any encouraging feedback that will help newbies.

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