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Forced Reps for Added Strength

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Forced reps for added strength are a very popular training method and one that can help add strength fast.

As a training technique, forced reps can be effective, as they can help increase muscle fatigue while helping push past normal failure, potentially leading to improved muscle growth and strength. 

Imagine doing a bench press and being able to perform 6 reps on your own. With the help of your training partner, you manage to squeeze out an additional 2 to 3 reps. Let’s say that during a 7th rep, you are able to give 70% of your effort, with your partner providing the remaining 30%. For the next repetition, you might contribute 45% of the effort, with your partner providing the other 65%. This is an example of how forced reps can be performed with a training partner. 

There are some that are critical of this method because they feel like most often the training partner doesn’t know how much assistance is needed and offers too much help, making the technique unreliable. Critics of this method argue that the reliability of forced reps is often compromised because the training partner frequently provides too much assistance without fully understanding the amount needed.

I have used forced repetitions effectively for adding strength and I think the key is communicating with your training partner. I found that most partners were reliable. Of course, some were better than others.

it is important to remember that forced reps should only be performed with a competent training partner, as improper form and execution can lead to injury. Additionally, forced reps should be used as part of a balanced workout routine and not relied upon exclusively, as overuse of this technique can increase the risk of injury and overtraining.

Good luck and comment below on your experience using forced reps.

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