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How to Increase Training Intensity – Beginners part 1

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How to increase training intensity? I guess the best way to describe how to increase training intensity is simply how hard you feel you are trying to perform an exercise. Let’s not overthink it. It’s that simple.

Now give thought to what you can do to make dumbbell curls more intense. In other words, what can you do to try harder? Below I’m going to give you three specific action items that you can take to the gym and use during today’s workout. Let’s go!

  1. Cut down the rest interval between sets. Instead of taking 60 seconds, I want you to take only 30 seconds of rest. This may result in less intramuscular ATP being resynthesized, requiring more effort to complete the same number of reps during the next set.
  1. I want you to extend the duration of each repetition. By increasing your Time Under Tension (TUT), you will place the muscle under stress for a longer duration. If it takes you one “alligator” to perform a barbell curl, cause it to take three “alligators” and see what this feels like. This will engage more muscle fibers and result in faster muscle fatigue.
  1. Finally, increase the number of sets for each exercise. If you were doing 3 sets, aim for 4 sets. This will increase the stress on the muscles, resulting in extra calorie burn, extend muscle tension, and cause enough microscopic muscle fiber damage to stimulate muscle growth.

Try all three of the above and share your results with everyone. Now, don’t get discouraged if you find that you can only do it for one set. If you stay with it, you will begin to show substantial results.

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