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Natreon® A Company Worth Knowing

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Natreon® is a nutraceutical and life science company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing specialty ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, and personal care products. They own 21 patents and have a strong emphasis on researching Ayurvedic herbs to support human health and wellness, they have a strong commitment to evidence-based clinical and pre-clinical research, and ingredients are constantly investigated for maximum purity while ongoing safety studies are conducted. 

It’s worth noting that Ayurvedic compounds have a long history of use, dating back more than 5,000 years in Southeast Asia. Natreon® has shown a strong dedication to developing these active ingredients through evidence-based clinical and pre-clinical research. Furthermore, they ensure that ingredients are thoroughly examined for maximum purity and conduct ongoing safety studies.

Natreon® is known for its wide range of ingredients, specifically those with clinical data to support claims for heart health, cognitive performance, stress relief, weight management, and joint support, Natreon® is an ingredient company worth getting to know. In fact, you may want to make certain their ingredients are featured in the supplements you trust.

GenMag™ has a special affinity for companies that have a strong emphasis on the research and development of new ingredients, and Natreon® definitely checks that box. Big money is invested to support human health and wellness claims. In fact, they collaborate with numerous research and development teams across the world. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with Natreon’s® Director of Scientific Affairs and were left with a positive impression. While many specialty companies have the qualifications and invest in research, they are not always willing to discuss their findings. In contrast, we found the Natreon technical team to be approachable, distinctive, and outstanding.

Natreon® offers a diverse selection of ingredients including Ayuric®, PrimaVie®, and Capros®. One of their most sought-after and popular products is Sensoril®, an industry leader in the ashwagandha market for cognitive health and focus.

GenMag™ recommends you consider Natreon® if you are searching for products that have substantial published clinical data to back up claims for heart health, cognitive performance, stress relief, weight management, and joint support.
Natreon® is an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility.

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