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Should I cheat? Learn How to Cheat Safely.

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Should I cheat? You should absolutely cheat, but do it with extreme caution.

“Cheating” in the context of physical training refers to using techniques or tools that provide an advantage or shortcut to achieve a desired result, such as lifting a weight with what is normally considered a poor form or using momentum to complete a repetition. 

While cheating can help you lift more weight or perform more reps, it is not considered a legitimate training method because it increases the risk of injury and can negatively affect your overall progress. However, it should be considered a legitimate training method and be taught correctly.

Properly done, it deliberately recruits the involvement of auxiliary muscles to help complete repetitions beyond what can be normally achieved using strict form. When cheating, one should “cheat” just enough to complete another repetition. 

It is important to be intuitive and recognize when cheating has gone beyond the boundaries of safety. In other words, when the compromised form is such that it heightens the risk, the set should end.

Proper form and technique are crucial for maximizing the benefits of exercise, building strength and endurance, and reducing the risk of injury. In order to achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner, it is recommended to focus on proper form and technique and to progress gradually. When one has mastered the proper form, experimenting with “cheating” reps could provide a good boost.

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