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All American Pharmaceutical

All American Pharmaceutical is one of a select few Informed-Choice registered supplement contract manufacturers in the U.S. This distinction means AAP has strict FDA and cGMP manufacturing standards in place to ensure contaminant-free supplement manufacturing. And that its facility and raw materials are regularly tested for prohibited substances in sports -steroids and stimulants- that appear on the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited substance list.

The full-service manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements specializes in producing private label and custom formulations. From general health and sports nutrition to anti-aging products and food products, AAP has the capability to produce liquids, capsules, powders and tablets from concept all the way to finished packaging. AAP is also the patent holder for several innovative branded ingredients including, Kre-Alkalyn, Kre-Celazine, Lymze5, Protalyn, Glutasorb and Karbolyn.

As a contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, it’s important that our customers and our customers’ customers have complete faith in the quality of our products. That’s why we go above and beyond minimum standards of quality, as well as enlisting third-party verification of our exacting processes through the Informed-Choice certification. Nutritional supplement companies need to know that the contract manufacturing facility they are using has appropriate quality controls in place to minimize the risk of cross contamination among ingredients.

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