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Arboris, LLC is the world’s largest producer of sterols-natural cholesterol-reducing food agents. Our sterols are beneficial compounds that come from natural sources: pine trees, renewable resources from which we derive many valuable products.

When paper mills process pine trees in order to make paper, the beneficial compounds Arboris’ refines become concentrated as the compounds are separated from the cellulose that is needed for making paper. Arboris then recovers the remaining concentrates at the end of the papermaking and chemical recovery process and harvests the sterols in an environmentally-responsible manner.

In recent years, sterols have been used in foods such as spreads, juices, bread, milk, yogurt, and other products. Arboris sterols are a 99% pure mixture of naturally occurring phytosterols derived from pine trees that are free of any genetic modification. Our customers value our sterols’ purity and the fact that our operations follow the principles of food hygiene recommended by Codex Alimentarius Commission, HAACP principles and the Good Manufacturing Practices US 21 CFR 110. Arboris sterols are Circle K Kosher certified.

Founded in 2002, Arboris has brought forth a new value proposition for customers: "Long term, stable, dependable, and cost-effective sterol supply." Arboris has two manufacturing plants in the United States-one at the company’s headquarters in Savannah, Georgia and another in Newark, Ohio. Both plant operations follow global standards for quality, safety and environmental compliance.

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