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aXichem is an innovative Swedish biotechnology company specialising in the development of natural analogue ingredients. aXichem’s product is a natural analogue substance, Phenylcapsaicin, which is a synthetic developed and patented capsaicin. Since it is developed synthetically, it has several advantages compared to natural capsaicin, such as controllable quality and production process. The product is suited for a number of different areas, such as nutraceuticals and animal feed.

aXivite – a breakthrough innovation for weight control, better gut health and sport nutrition. The health benefits of chili with its active ingredient capsaicin are well established in science. It reduces body weight and fight obesity. It increases metabolism and lower the energy intake. In addition, it balances intestinal flora and reduces gut inflammation and function as a Quorum sensing inhibitor. aXivite is a natural analogue of Capsaicin with up to 8 times higher bioavailability, no impurities or genotoxicity and suitable for large scale production.

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