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BENEO’s functional ingredients are derived from the natural sources chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat. Providing nutritional and technical benefits, they help food manufacturers to produce healthy and more balanced products. BENEO’s ingredients enable the development of products supporting weight management, digestive, bone and dental health but also giving energy for mental & physical performance. Moreover, they improve the taste and texture of food and beverages as well as their nutritional value by replacing fat and sugar as well as enriching fibre and protein.

BENEO’s inulin and oligofructose are active prebiotic fibres from chicory root promoting the balance of the intestinal flora and the absorption of minerals such as calcium. Its sugar replacer isomalt is the only one derived from sugar and No 1 ingredient in sugar-free hard-candy. Isomaltulose by BENEO is the only fully digestible and low glycemic sugar providing prolonged energy in the form of glucose. BENEO’s rice derivatives include natural and organic derivatives such as flours, starches, bran, syrups, proteins and concentrates.

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