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Bergstrom Nutrition

Bergstrom Nutrition pioneered the use of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for animal and human health use, and remains an industry innovator and the leading manufacturer of MSM. OptiMSM®​ is the purest and only GRAS-designated MSM available.  It is included in the majority of the world’s best joint-health nutritional supplements.

OptiMSM®​ is manufactured exclusively in the USA at Bergstrom Nutrition’s single-purpose, cGMP-compliant, ISO-registered facility to help provide essential traceability. Bergstrom uses a proprietary, four-stage distillation process to create OptiMSM®​, and every batch is third-party tested for optimal purity, quality and consistency.  The result is MSM that is exactly the same as that found in nature, created by the earth’s natural sulfur cycle.

The Bergstrom Nutrition technical team alone has over 100 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and uses of MSM.  Bergstrom is committed to exceptional customer service and helping its customers succeed by producing OptiMSM – the best MSM in the world.

Bergstrom Nutrition continually drives research to discover new applications for MSM that will benefit its partners, its customers, and the health of all. Current studies build on MSM’s joint support benefits to extend to skin care, exercise recovery, sports nutrition, and support for healthy aging.

Bergstrom Nutrition is a family-owned company founded in 1988 and is based in Vancouver, Washington USA.

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