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Sustainable Probiotic Solutions

Based on 20 years of dedicated probiotic research, product formulation expertise and market knowledge, Bifodan Inc., with offices in NY, a subsidiary of Bifodan A/S located in Denmark offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and high quality probiotic solutions manufactured under GMP.


Innovative and reliable solutions

The probiotic solutions are formulated to provide consumers of all ages with benefits through supporting a healthy balance of the microbiota of the digestive tract, the oral cavity and the urogenital area.

The innovative solutions are based on Bifodan’s extensive probiotic expertise, and include the use of probiotics with documented health benefits, convenient dosage formats tailored to probiotics, and manufactured in a dedicated and state of the art facility for optimized product effectiveness and superior shelf life performance.

ProTarget®​ – Intelligent Probiotic Delivery

Probiotic concepts presented as capsules, utilize Bifodan’s unique and patented ProTarget®​ technology that effectively protects the probiotics from gastric acidity and assures delivery and release of viable probiotics in the intestines.

Targeted release of the probiotics in the intestines contributes to enhance the product performance.

Strategic Partnership

Bifodan’s mission is to create strategic partnerships with our customers providing distinct competitive advantages by delivering innovative, high quality and competitive probiotic product solutions and access to Bifodan’s extensive technology platform and know-how within probiotics.

The probiotic concepts are turn-key and readily available for customers to market under private label.


For further information, please contact:
Richard F Bernard

Sales Director, North America

Bifodan, Inc.

New York, NY


Tel:​ 856-371-8120

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