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Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. is an integrated biotechnology company whose mission is to develop products that help improve our daily lives. Its core technology is based on the five-carbon carbohydrate D-Ribose, a clinically proven, patented ingredient that reduces fatigue, quickly replenishes and sustains energy at a cellular level. Bioenergy Ribose is available in a variety of functional products worldwide. Our Ribose Formulation Center helps our customers identify new opportunities to incorporate Bioenergy Ribose into their products.


The Science. ​Ribose is the back bone of the ATP molecule and is the rate limiting compound in how quickly the body rebuilds ATP after it has been depleted.  While every cell in the body has the ability to make ribose, the metabolic pathway used is slow. Supplementing with Bioenergy Ribose accelerates energy recovery, sustains energy and increases endurance. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to get through your busy day, ribose will help keep your heart and muscles healthy and you full of energy.


The Advantage. ​Bioenergy Ribose has over 30 issued or pending patents and over 100 clinical studies that document the benefits of ribose. Its safety is evidenced by its GRAS status (including a “no questions letter” from the FDA). Bioenergy Ribose also meets or exceeds many quality standards that include: Grade A Level Certification from the BRC, kosher certification, non-GMO & gluten free status and other certifications of excellence.

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