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BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd

BioExx is focused on the extraction of oil and high-quality proteins from oilseeds through the use of novel technologies, bringing a unique product set to the global food market.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our proprietary technology uses significantly lower temperatures for the extraction of oils from oilseeds resulting in separating higher yields and quality of proteins from the remaining biomass. This competitively positions BioExx to add significant value to the food chain by producing a human quality protein that was previously limited to animal feed.

Our low energy requirements, environmentally sound processes, and high yield production will make a valuable contribution to solving the global issue of food crop scarcity.

BioExx operates a commercial scale canola processing facility in Saskatoon, Canada producing protein isolates for Human Nutrition, as well as Canola Oil and Meal. BioExx is in the development stages of a second, larger plant in Minot, North Dakota. BioExx plans to rapidly grow the company through the construction and operation of protein isolate production facilities around the world.


A Canola protein isolate, at over 90% protein purity – an undenatured soluble protein from Canola that has high solubility, good emulsification and foaming with low anti-nutritional content.


A hydrolyzed Canola protein, at over 83% proteins/amino acids – it has improved tolerance, digestibility and solubility over a wide pH range.

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