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BIONAP is an Italian manufacturer company, based in Sicily, in the area surrounding the Monte Etna. Volcanic soils, main area of cultivation of BIONAP’s supplier, have a unique mineral and chemical profile that determine nonpareil characteristics in the plants grown there.

Bionap is positioned to lead the next generation of natural and organic ingredients with the aim to improve health and quality of life over the world. BIONAP’s authentic, multigenerational heritage combined with scientific innovation and ingredients are inspired by market insights and backed by science. With its vertically integrated strategy, BIONAP is advancing and growing its capabilities and broadening its reach around the world while remaining grounded to its roots and philosophy based on a circular economy approach.

Thanks to the scientific research of BIONAP, Mediterranean raw materials like olive fruit water, prickly pear cladodes, olive leaves and small size oranges, that in the agricultural industry system are not used, find a new life. We turn what once was considered not useful in the agricultural market into certified and branded ingredients, for various nutraceutical solutions, such as cholesterol control, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal, immune health, and skin care.

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