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CherryPURE® is a Top-Notch Recovery Product

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CherryPURE® is a top-notch recovery product derived from the nutrient-rich skins of Montmorency tart cherries grown in the orchards near Traverse City, Michigan. It requires an enormous amount of fresh cherries, over 100 pounds, to produce just one kilogram of this pure powder. This product is a result of a collaboration with Shoreline Fruit and has been backed by two comprehensive human studies conducted by the Texas A&M University Department of Kinesiology, which focus on its impact on exercise recovery for both resistance and endurance athletes.

Numerous research studies have confirmed the benefits of Prunus cerasus juice and juice concentrates, particularly in promoting a healthy sleep cycle, enhancing mobility, and reducing uric acid levels. CherryPURE® offers not only the traditional powder form but also a juice concentrate and a soluble juice powder, providing versatility in application. Whether you prefer an organic certified or conventional option, CherryPURE® is the ideal tart cherry choice for any product looking to incorporate the benefits supported by tart cherry research.

It is important for consumers to recognize the distinction between premium, branded tart cherry extracts like CherryPURE® by Anderson Advanced Ingredients and generic tart cherry extracts and why CherryPURE® is a top-notch recovery product. For example, a 10:1 extract has a lower yield compared to the 50:1 concentration of CherryPURE®. If taken in the same dose, a generic form would provide 300mg per 3,000mg serving, whereas CherryPURE® would yield 1,500mg, which is five times more beneficial material.

See below links to premium brands containing CherryPURE®.

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